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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Printing on Lutradur Part 2

Printing on Lutradur… Part 2

For three weekends in a row I have been on the road. Either the family cottage readying it for the summer or family reunion.
So while I thought I was super organized the month took a turn. No internet and no time to write… but this weekend even though I have had no internet I have been working to get the samples I have made into blog posts. So there might be a flurry of posts. There is just so much to share. When I picked up Leslie Riley’s book I did not think it would spark such a sense of play and creativity for me.

On to printing.

I had fun choosing pictures to print. I did a couple of series with Lutradur in black and white and in colour.

I tried different weights and sheets and cutting down yardage to put though the printer.

I coloured a few pieces of Lutradur to make a back wash and ran that through the printer.

I do not have a fancy printer. It is an HP which a I bought a couple of years ago to keep printing costs down for my whole family…school projects, information, moms learning habit… etc.
I have read elsewhere about Leslie’s statement that pigment inks last longer than dye inks. That is one thing I would have to investigate with my printer and ink manufacturer. So I can’t comment on brands of printers or inks.

What I can say is that I have had no problem with anything I have put through my printer when it comes to Lutradur.

With that being said when I use Lutradur from yardage or Lutradur that is coloured from yardage I do make sure that it is on a carrier sheet. What is a carrier sheet? A carrier sheet is something that is meant to attach to material so that the fabric can move through the printer.

Some people use full sheet labels. I use either freezer paper cut to a standard sheet of paper size, freezer paper commercially in standard sheet paper size or a product called Jonny Sews Stabilizer.

When you use the Jonny Sews Stabilzer  jonnyseww.com or Freezer paper the technique is the same. 

You cut the fabric in this case Lutradur to slightly smaller than the standard sheet of paper size first than iron on the freezer paper 

or as below you iron the freezer paper (Jonny Sews Stabilizer) on the Lutradur and then cut it to the size of the paper. I have used both ways with no problems.

Coloured sheet of Lutradur layed on a sheet of freezer paper. Put a Teflon protection sheet over top to prevent a mess on your iron and to protect the Lutradur from melting.

 Iron on a cotton setting until the freezer paper holds.

OOPs I forgot the protection sheet.

Flip the whole thing over and iron for about 30 seconds to make sure the paper is adhered. Now it is ready for the printer…

Or if you ironed the freezer paper onto the Lutradur while it was still in yardage form. Simply line up your ruler on the edge of the freezer paper and cut to size.

Once you have your Lutradur ready to go into the printer… either the plain sheets from the package or the yardage cut to size and adhered to a carrier sheet take them up to your printer and you are ready to print.

Choose a photo you want to print.

When you send it to your printer make sure the printer is set to best colour or best black and white. If you printer has special instructions for special papers follow your printers instructions.
I just put the Lutradur sheets in my printer and sent the command to print.

Printers can be particular so your just have to see what works.
Here is a series of the same picture on Lutradur.

Picture on light weight Lutradur that was lightly covered before printing with seta colour wash of yellow and green.

Light weight Lutradur run through printer.

Heavy weight Lutradur printed.

Same pictures. Same settings on the computer sent to the printer. Different looks.

You can play with the colours you paint on the Lutradur. You can play with the effects that you do on your pictures on your camera. Printing is a very quite and fun way to make a interesting visual texture.

You can print colour pictures…
Printed Lutradur with carrier paper... See how the Lutradur is porous and ink is transferred to the paper.

Or you can print coloured pictures on coloured Lutradur…

That  was a shot of tulips in my garden taken with me down at ground level shooting it towards the tree that is in the centre of this little garden. With seta paints I did the bottom half of the Lutradur in a mix of green and yellow. The top half I painted with a wash of rose pink. I didn't know how it would turn out but I love it.

This shot was from the Niagara Falls Parkway Greenhouses in Niagara Falls, Canada

Hope you try printing on Lutradur.
Next post will be on printing on fabric, printing on Lutradur and then layering the two for a neat look.


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  1. I printed many photo's on lutradur. Sometimes I add after the printing and drying some acrylic wax on the photo. Is saving the picture too. But I shall try gesso next time. greetings from Liesbeth

  2. I try this technik, I never did this.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Anita

  3. Thanks for this - I shall definitely be trying this as soon as I find some Lutradur!

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  5. I already follow your blog Jo

  6. I haven't had time to try any of the Lutradur ideas yet but I've printed them all off to a folder so I can play once the gardening is caught up. I do have the Lutradur but haven't played with it.

  7. Plan to try printing on Lutrador very soon. Have really enjoyed your posts.


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