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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Printing on Fabric... Printing on Lutradur Fabric.

 Printing on Fabric ...Printing on Lutradur

Printing on actual fabric is not hard. It is the same principle as printing on Lutradur.  You can buy pre treated fabric on carrier sheets from many sources. Check your local shop first. I have never tried the pre treated sheets. Maybe you can comment on your experiences.

I usually do my own fabric a muslin or white cotton. I pre treat with Bubble Jet Set (see earlier post)  Then I  iron it to a carrier sheet.

What I wanted to tell you about with this is I like to print my picture on fabric and on a separate piece of Lutradur. Then I layer them. Up close there really is no advantage but when you stand back your eye makes it seem a bit 3 d. I think this is really cool.
My original picture

My picture printed on colour washed lutradur

My picture printed on fabric

The picture printed on fabric and layered with the Lutradur.
I like the effect and it appears 3 d when you stand back.

Fabric printed with our Mr. Snook

Mr Snook layered with Light Lutradur

Mr Snook layered with coloured Lutradur. 

Try the layered look.


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  1. wow- I love to make things look 3D ...will definitely have to try this.

  2. I will have to go back and read other posts. I love to try new things, and this looks like fun.


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