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Monday, December 15, 2014

The final results

The funny part was looking at the batched and washed fabric as it came out of the dryer. I thought to myself, "The colors are so pale". Now if you'll remember, I specifically mixed the print paste pale so I'm not quite sure why I was so surprised!

The circles and squiggles

I think this was my favorite print and it was from the foam core board screen with the last dregs of dye. Go figure. 

The striped one

The circle screen again - nice colors

I pulled three prints from the exhausting screens one on top of the other. These are them.

Circle and squiggle together

All three

This was a clean-up rag.

This was a rag I smeared print paste on to get it off the squeegee then laid the striped screen on it while I cleaned up

Same as above

Nothing seems to be helping this ugly thing. I am determined to make it beautiful one day.

Next post something different in deconstructing.

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