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Friday, December 26, 2014

My Deconstructed Screen Printing History by Judith DeMilo Brown

I came across these 2 pieces of material when I was looking for pink or green fabric for my current project.  It is from the first experiment that Beth and I tried. I am not sure of the date but it might have been four years ago.   I was the "teacher," though I had never done it, and she was the willing student.  I dyed the screens ahead of time and then we used the soda ash print paste to release the dyes.  We didn't even have squeegees that fit  the screen and instead scraped with an old credit card.  You can see the lines created by the credit card.  I am pretty sure I had previously died the fabric pink so the screen printing was just the green.  I loved my results but Beth (who likes color, all color, all the time) was not impressed.

I am excited to find the piece now and it will fit in beautifully in my Flying F quilt. Here is a picture of some of the components for the quilt and a very early beginning of the overall design.  Still lots of work to be done.

Beth kept experimenting and then invited me over for another lesson. She was the teacher this time.  Here are some more prints from that session of deconstructed screen printing.  This is maybe just from a couple of years ago.  I finally got smart and started laying more than one screen.
 I think this might have been the first print.  Not much dye got deconstructed.

This is the same screen just turned and with a colored dye paste to release.

The next set is where I got smarter and layered two different screens.

 First one

Then the other

Then both.  You can tell both screens were getting to depleted but you can still see the effect of each of them.

The next post will be the deconstructed screen printing I have been doing lately.  They are still experiments so I don't promise they get any better, just newer.


  1. I like your post, but don't see any pictures. Is there something wrong with my computer, or does nobody see the pictures?

  2. I don't see any pictures neither.

  3. I agree, I don't have any pictures.

  4. Now I can see your pictures. Love the way you are experimenting with this, nice prints and a nice set up for a your new quilt.

  5. Nice work, Judith! You have progressed nicely... can't wait to see the more recent examples!


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