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Friday, December 26, 2014

Newer (Not Better) Deconstructed Screens

Beth has continued to watch and read deconstructed screen printing experiments by other artists.  She will invite me over to play with her when she has seen an especially great experiment she wants to try.  I am a willing student.

First was drawing straight lines on the screen with thickened dye.  I had drawn much straighter lines on my first screens but when I got to these I was tired and just went for kinda straight.  The first is navy blue dye.  The next is orange dye with blue drops from where I stacked the blue screen on top of the orange screen to dry.  When the orange screen was not drying fast enough, I propped it up so it would dry faster.  Yep, then I got running.  Yep, that is one screen with lots of serendipity.

Here are the results of the screens.  Some are just one screen and some are two.  For all of them I used a blue/green dye paste to release.  I love the details on these prints.

I think the thing to note here is that my results were very different from Beth's.  You'll  need to go back to her posts to see what I mean. Our process is different.  Overall she likes to have just a few prints with distinct marks from her deconstructed screens and she usually uses just plain print paste to release the dye.  Each of her screens will make just 4 or 5 prints before she considers them exhausted.   I, on the other hand, like to produce yardage, layer the screens, use colored dye paste to release, and I print a dozen or so from my screens before I consider it exhausted.  I love the indistinct subtle marks for layering.  Just a reminder that there is no right or wrong but just personal style.

Oh, I loved the results of this experiment and immediately turned it into a quilt for my great nephew, Nick.  The quilt top can best been seen on my blog here.


  1. I'd love to see the baby quilt but the link won't allow me to go to your blog. Also I don't know who is posting so I can't go there by another route. It would be such a great help to say each artist's name and maybe a link for each. Thanks! I am LOVING this month's posts!!!

  2. And I have the same problem as Cris - can't link to the blog to see the quilt. Mary Ann


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