Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A great idea

And it came from Nienke. She told me about an idea she had read about and I LOVED it. The idea was to use citrus slices on a deconstructed screen.

I wanted to put the dye on the inside of the screen and hoped the slices would stick to the thickened dye

With orange thickened dye

Green thickened dye


  1. Looks interesting Beth. Looking forward to seeing the prints

  2. Oh, this looks wonderful. I wish I understood it better. But I think I love the results.....

  3. Oh you're such a tease!! I saw that and was so excited to see the print!! The suspense builds. Looks like a great idea.

  4. now I know what I can do with all those oranges while in Florida this winter!


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