Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Some more drizzle dye

Here are 2 other ways of using drizzle dye. The first piece of fabric is a halfyard, which was hung on a drying rack. With a syringe blue dye mixture was applied to the fabric. After it had run down, the fabric was turned around and the same process was done with a yellow dye mixture. This is how it turned out:

Besides dye, you can also use bleach in your syringe. This is a commercial black fabric on which I drizzled tiny quantities of bleach. Don't you love this result? Unfortunately I was never able to find this same black fabric anymore.

These were my 3 posts of this week. Coming Friday Kelly will show a new mystery technique.


  1. I've always liked bleach on black. I just hate the smell (PU)

  2. I love how different bleached black fabric results may be from pinkish to tan... always a surprise! Thanks for sharing your techniques and results.

  3. Love the look of the black. I may try this, but I think I'll use diluted discharge paste for one piece, and the bleach for another, and compare the results. I generally prefer the slower action of the discharge paste--better control.
    Pat F in Winnipeg


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