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Monday, February 6, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 6 (mystery revealed)

As usual....I was so intrigued by all the guesses on this technique.  I'm keeping a list of some ideas that I want to try or tweak or some to just dream about!

This mystery technique is very easy to do. The hardest part is the prep...the waiting....the patience!!!
NOT one of my virtues by the way!

But the first time I discovered this technique was quite by accident. Serendipity....my favorite muse!
I'm sure all of us who dye our own fabric have had this happen


OK...so you put your fabric in the soda ash solution to soak.  Then...Life happens and you totally forget it is there!  One day...several weeks later (or months even) you go to get your container to soak
some fabric in soda ash only to discover your forgotten previous fabric!!!

 it is very hard and dry.

(this is the siide view of the VERY stiff fabric standing on its own)


Easy answer...you put it AS IS in a container, mix a procion dye solution and pour it over the very dried soda ash fabric.  Batch as usual.  Then wash, rinse and iron...again as usual.

And this is what you get.  Here is the result of the fabric above and another one that I did in another color.  (neither of these is the fabric in the mystery but I didn't have photos of that particular one)

I loved it so much I have since done it on purpose several times. But warning.....it takes a LONG TIME for the soda ash to dry completely.   When it is totally dry, the soda ash acts as a resist and the crystaline structure of the dried soda ash creates amazing valleys where the dye has bled into the areas in a rather feathery manner!

Now for the drawing results!  And the winner is........


Just send me your mailing address.  E-mail me at      Kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com
and I will get the fabric right out to you!  Congratulations!!

I'll be back on Wednesday with another technique! Hope to see you then!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. This is amazing. I'm going to try it out. I also find that some of my best results come from "accidents".

  2. I do stuff like that - leaving and forgetting - all the time. Happy accidents are the best!

  3. So cool. Congrats to SILKWORKS922 and thanks Kelly!


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