Thursday, February 23, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 8

And I'm back.....

There had been this idea rattling around in my brain and I wanted to give it a try.  The technique itself is not new. Soy wax resist.  But I wanted to use it in a new way...for me at least. I had this geode looking effect in my head.

I have done soy wax before with stamps and brushing it on but then I just dyed the whole fabric and
it was cool but not as controlled as I've been thinking about.  I have done silk scarves with soy wax resist the same way...mostly with stamps.

Now I wanted to be able to use paint and have more control over where the color went.

I started with a piece of my own hand-dyed cotton. Got out my soy wax and used a tjanting with the larger opening to apply the wax to the fabric in circles of various sizes.

Then I got the paints that I wanted to use. A creamy pale yellow-green and a brighter yellow.
I diluted them a good bit and painted first the pale yellow-green around the wax circle. At first I was making the circle more exact and quickly abandoned that for a more organic look.  When that paint was still wet, I painted the brighter yellow (again well diluted) aroung the wax edges in a thinner line.

Now I am not well known for having a TON of patience so when the paint was still a bit damp, I put the fabric between sheets of clean newsprint paper (the kind used for packing, not the kind with print on it). I ironed the piece between the paper several times until I got the effect I was looking for!!

The next question to test out is how it will respond if I let the paint dry totally. But that is a play day for the future!

I did this test on a small bit of fabric, apx 6" X 8". But I like what I ended up with well enough to plan on doing a larger bit of fabric soon!

Thanks for waiting the extra day! 

This is my last post for this session. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for all your feedback!!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. Thank you to both of you. This has been a great two months and I hope you got plenty of orders for your eBook. The price was certainly reasonable and I just loved it. Can't wait to try it myself!!

  2. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  3. This has been a fun, informative two months. Have gotten ideas from some of the guesses as well as the posted techniques. Thank you both for sharing your talent and time.

  4. you gals did a remarkable job! thanks


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