Monday, January 30, 2017

Mystery revealed

This is how I created the mystery fabric of last Friday. I placed a soda soaked piece of fabric on a plexiglass sheet which was standing in a container. The wet fabric created lots of wrinkles.

Using a small syringe I drizzled small quantities of dye mixture from the top. Because of the wrinkles the dye followed erratic paths.

After it was washed and dried it looked like this. I love this technique which I call drizzle dye to make fabric for skies.

With this piece of fabric I stopped after the blue, the fabric I showed on Friday I continued with different colors. Normally a syringe is used to apply 60 or 120 or bigger quantities of dye mixture to fabric, but using a small syringe gives you lots of play opportunities. 
There were a lot of people who guessed correctly. I picked Pam as the winner for this week. Pam, please email me your address to:

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