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Monday, February 20, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 8 (mystery revealed)

Wow! Several of you got this one! Great job!

Yes, it is shibori painted hand-dyed fabric.

For those of you who might not know how to do that, here is a quick description.

Take fabric ( in this case a hand-dyed fabric but depending on what look you are going for, even commercial fabrics will work.)  Tape it to a round object. I have several sizes of PVC pipe for shibori. This is done on the largest circumferencce one.

Wrap the fabric with twine.  The space between the twine on the pole can vary...again according to the look you want.  For the water fabric I space the twine a bit farther apart.

Then scrunch the fabric together toward the end of the pipe. Just slide it down...being very careful NOT to slide it all the way off!  Been there...done that....very frustrating!  LOL!!
When it is scrunched together just paint the edges. Did not have a photo of the blue water piece of the mystery (blue paint) but this is another one where I wanted "surf" so used white paint.

For larger pieces of fabric you might need to re-wrap the fabric to cover the whole piece.

Let the paint dry. Unwrap the twine. Iron and here is the results.  Water and then the "surf" piece.

Previously I had also used this technique to make a more aspen looking forest. For this one I used two colors. After the first color (in this case black) is dried and ironed, begin the process from the beginning and use the second color.

Here is another piece I just finished in which I wanted to get the same forest feel but small trees in summer.

Well, there it is!!

And now the big news.....THE WINNER of the blue water painted shibori piece!!

And the winner is.....


Congratulations, Jane! Just send me your mailing address and I will mail the fabric to you.
Here is my e-mail address...    Kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com

Thanks again all of you who played!!

See you on Wednesday!!
Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. This a great effect for trees and water!

  2. Nice effect! And pretty quick/easy, as they say!

  3. I love Shibori and these examples! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I actually tried this when I saw Kelly do it on her block. Loved it!!

  5. Darn, thought I had this one won and in the bag! LOL. Congrats to the winner!


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