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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mixed media

There are many materials you can use in combination with your fiber art, but admit it, concrete will not be your first idea :-). A couple of years ago I made these 2 small canvasses - each 8"x8". I started with embroidery stitches, or making marks, using perle cotton on hand dyed fabric. Wrapped these around canvas and stapled them.

Next step was to mix up concrete. I did not want the regular grey, so instead of using water, I mixed the concrete powder with paint. The color will not be as bright as the paint as the concrete of course is grey and this will show through. With an old credit card I swiped the concrete/paint mixture over the canvas. I wanted to have some of the original fabric visible. so I made certain that enough of the fabric still showed.

I like the unusual effect I got and I think there are more options to play with this combination of soft and hard material.
Next blogpost will be by Kelly and will be another mystery technique.


  1. These are just wonderful!! Concrete!!?? Wow! How ever did you come up with that?? Exploration...inquiry...fun!

  2. Yet another neat innovative idea - thank you for sharing, Wil!

  3. Hmmm.....I think I have something I can use languishing on my front porch since the flood rebuild. Interesting! Concrete.......hmmmm.


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