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Monday, February 27, 2017

Mystery revealed

It is time to reveal the mystery of Friday:

I started with a lwi dyed fabric. Next step was to use torn paper strips and screen print this using green metallic paint. This picture shows you how dominant that layer was - it is now the back of the fabric :-).

The fabric needed another layer and for this I used again torn paper, but this time in circles and screen printed them on the other side of the fabric. The stripes of the first screen print layer are still visible but softer.
I love the ideas you all came up with. Nobody had it correct, so I picked Jody as the winner of this fabric. Please email your snail mail address to: wil@wilopiooguta.com

As this is the last blogpost of the months January/February it is also time to reveal the winner of our ebook Playing with Fire.

Out of all the comments which were given to the mystery techniques I picked a comment of February 4 posted by Sarah. Sarah will you email me at wil@wilopiooguta.com and I will tell you how you can get your copy of the ebook.
For everybody else who wants to buy this ebook. Here is the link: https://gumroad.com/l/iLbHI.

I hope you all had fun these months and are inspired to use some of the techniques Kelly and I showed you.



  1. Thank you so much Kelly and Wil. What a fun, exciting and instructive month!!

  2. Thank you both for all the posts, much appreciated

  3. This was fun. I never could guess but learning how to do it was a great in itself. I am definitely doing the last one - the one with a pipe and strings!

  4. Oh! Thank you, I'm so excited I won it.

  5. As we like to say around here... That was a piece of work! Congrats to the winners and thank you, Kelly and Wil, for such a inspiring and fun month of surface design!

  6. great time. The layers on this last one were amazing!


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