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Friday, May 13, 2016


When you buy chocolate, cookies or cake, have you ever really had a good look at the bottom of the trays? Some have really interesting designs. Of course you have to eat the goodies before you can stamp with the trays :-).

Place your fabric on your printing board. Put some paint on a plastic plate and apply the paint with a foam roller to the textured side of the tray. Place the tray on the fabric. Don't press too hard, you only want the raised parts of the tray printed.
Here are some examples of how the fabric looked after the printing:

The styrofoam trays of pizza's can also be used as stamps. With an empty ballpoint I pressed circles into a pizza tray. By pressing the styrofoam compresses a bit and creates a slight heigt difference. The tray is thin, so I needed something like a handle to lift it from the fabric. For this I folded a piece of cellotape partly double and pressed this to the back of the tray.

I placed my fabric on the printing board and applied the paint with a foam roller. I pressed the tray onto the fabric and repeated this. This is the result:


  1. Oh dear. Now I am going to need another big storage drawer!!! lol

  2. Very clever Wil! I don't buy a lot of cookies, but there are other things I buy that come in plastic containers... I will have to check them out. I also have a big bag of styrofoam pieces used for packing that I'm sure I can use somehow to make patterns in.

  3. One more reason to eat cookies!

  4. Yes it is easy to be ome a hoarder-:)

  5. Now I'm going to have to look at any packaging that comes into the house with a different eye. These look great!

  6. I love this idea! I admit, I have noticed this and have even set aside a few interesting ones, but haven't really followed up on how to use them. Well, stamping of course! Your examples are so interesting.

  7. What a great idea - environmental, artistic and tasty!!!!!!


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