Monday, May 30, 2016

Bubble wrap and shower mat

Some sink mats or shower mats have real interesting surfaces. This one I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can use the whole mat, but I decided to cut off a part and use that as a stamp.

The original shower mat is transparent. I took this picture after I used it as a stamp. Besides this shower mat I used bubble wrap in 2 different sizes.

First I used the bubble wrap. Paint was applied with a brayer. After that I used the shower mat. This is how it turned out:

I hope you had fun with the stamping this month. Did I make it difficult for you to throw away potential stamping material?
The examples I showed you this month are by no means all the items you can stamp with. For instance potato mashers, grids, placemats. In other words, everything which is flat and has a nice pattern or texture can be used. And don't forget most of the stamps I talked about this month can be used not only with paint, but also with discharge, soy wax or thickened dye.


  1. Yes I have started looking at things with a new eye. Medicine wrappers - the bubble type, veggies of course - have you used okra? - and so on. I do have issues in sewing on painted fabric with skipped stitches and funny noises that cause me some concern. Still trying to find a way around it.

  2. yes, indeed! Now I'm reconciling downsizing with art hoarding! lol thank you. A great month!!!

  3. It is difficult to find okra where I live. Skipped stitched can be caused by the thickness of the paint. Try next time a different brand of paint or a fabric medium like GAC

  4. thank you Wil for a busy month of ideas.

  5. Aw heck, I never threw anything out anyway! But now........even the trash is scrutinized!

    Thanks for a great month!


  6. Thanks for the idea of cutting up the shower mat. It seems obvious...but! I never used mine for screen printing because it is too big for my set up.
    Sandy in the UK

  7. Thank you for this series. I looked forward to every installment and am sad to see it end.

  8. So glad you all liked it-:)

  9. Really enjoyed the month. i am patiently waiting for an injury to heal so i can indulge in some printing! Great month of posts!


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