Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Another item I found at the dollar store are erasers. Consider them a small and cheaper version of a lino cut. With the same type of tools you create lino cuts, you can make your own unique stamps using erasers. Be careful when you cut, those tools are sharp! If you want to explore this on a bigger scale, lino cutting is your technique then.  Dick Blick is one of my favorite suppliers for lino material. As this month is not about 'official' stamps I will not explore it further this month.

Here are two erasers stamps I made:

Each stamp is 1"x2". Well, by now you know the drill :-). Place a piece of fabric on your printing board and apply the paint with a brayer, foam roller or foam brush to your stamp. Place the stamp on your fabric and repeat till you are satisfied with the result. Here is my sample:


  1. Oh! Yes! Cheap erasers, who knew?

  2. What a terrific series of posts. It seems that we should be looking at all our household items in a different light. Who knew that Home Depot was really a fabric surface design shop....

  3. I just got my stamp carving book. So appreciate these posts!


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