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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rubber bands

Rubber bands come in different sizes and thicknessess and can be used in different ways as stamps. This is how I used them today. I prepared my picture frame with double sided cellotape and placed some rubber bands on top of it. I was not paying attention to the thickness of the bands, so my first set up was like this:

I placed my fabric on my printing board. Applied paint with a brayer or foam roller and placed the stamp on the fabric. This was the moment that I realised that not all the bands had the same thickness. As you can see in this picture, not all the shapes are well defined.

So I replaced some rubber bands with others ones:

And printed again. This time with better results:

For me it is not compulsary that each and every shape should be as well defined as the other, after all the irregularities make the fabric more interesting. The first fabric certainly has its use, but I wanted to show you the difference as well.


  1. now thats a new use for rubber bands I really like!!

  2. Luc circles and these are so organic!

  3. A more permanent stamp can be devised with double-faced rug tape and a scrap of wood. Rubber bands can be cut for non-circles, even making letters: mine was JOY.

  4. This is wonderful. I really like the movement created by 'nearly ovals'.
    Sandy in the UK


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