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Friday, May 6, 2016


Last post of this week requires another visit to the vegetable department. This time we need peppers, bell pepper and red chili pepper.

Slice the peppers and dab them dry. Place your fabric on your printing board and apply paint with a foam brush or brayer. Press the pepper on to the fabric.

Repeat this process till you are satisfied with the result. For this sample I used Lumiere halo pink gold, Jacquard textile orange and Neopaque gold yellow. As you see the shape of the sliced peppers is roughly the same, but the size varies. This creates a more interesting pattern.

Besides the vegetables I showed you this week, there are lots of other ones you can use as well. Think of potatoes, carrots, apples, star fruit.


  1. love the peppers. They remind me of cinquefoils. Brownie and Girl Scout symbol.

  2. Star fruit is a wonderful natural stamp. We had a sour one in our yard, one year before making jam i made gift wrap stamped on freezer paper with one!
    Your peppers stampers are sweet!

  3. I really love having both on one fabric. The big and small of it all.


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