Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Card board

Wrapping material can also be used as stamps. Today I am showing you what I did with corrugated cardboard. I cut a box into squares and rectangulars and removed most of the top paper. On purpose I left some behind as it gives an extra effect to the stamp.

 With a brayer I applied the paint. If you use a foam brush make certain that no paint pools in the lower areas of your stamp. Pin your fabric on your printing board and place the stamp on it.

You can do this in an organised way, but of course also at random.
As usual I used a combination of textile and acrylic paints, as I am more interested in the colors that I can combine, than sticking to the same brand.
When you are satisfied with the result, let the paint dry and heatset it by ironing from the back.

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  1. Considering my warehouse...I'm never short of cardboard boxes!! LOVE using
    these items you are showing. Recycling and economy all in one! Not to mention amazing final fabrics!


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