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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Round Robin, Solo Style - Round 5, More Stamping

I studied my cloth on the design board for awhile.  Then I decided to use a hand made stamp to finish off the edge that had not been touched since I did the original dyeing – see bottom edge of photo below:

This happens when the fabric is larger than the project board… edges are folded around and clamped in place. I had a stamp made of bamboo skewers that resembled the stamp I used for my batik round, so I wanted to see if it would work.

Using black screen printing ink for fabric, I created a row of impressions, then changed the direction of the stamp and created a grid.
Here it is on the design board:

The first thing I noticed here was that I had an area above the grid print that had not been covered with my Thermofax screen, so I have to decide if I want to go back and add that in, or simply plan to crop that side:

I folded back the edge to see how it would look – I think this will do just fine!
So now, what?  After studying the piece, I find that it is an interesting study in color and pattern, and if I go too much further I might just lose those features.  So for now, I’m going to say this piece is done.  However, I think I will leave it up on the design board a spell for further contemplation.  Meanwhile, I would love your feedback and ideas! 

Over the remainder of the month, we have Laura McGrath and Beth Berman joining in the discussion, with possible input from a few others, so stay tuned!  Meanwhile, I think I will give some serious consideration to what I might do with my fabric.  If I come up with a project in time, I will post about it later in the month.. Hope you get lots of inspiration from our posts to try your own Round Robin, Solo Style!


  1. Je trouve pas joli ce tissu:(((( trop noir

  2. I'm curious to see what you decide to use this for! That's always my difficult part.

  3. I like everything you did. I have always thought using black was a gamble but you certainly did it right and the whole piece is well developed.

  4. Thanks, all. Laura, I'm working on coming up with a project for the fabric, but may still do more to the fabric before I use it.
    Beth, I was afraid of using black dyes for a long time, but once I got the right strength and the best combination of blacks, I use it a lot more.

  5. This has been really fun watching your processes and making your choices! I love your finished piece! I can beads and metallic hi-lights happenin', but I am a bit of a shine junkie and have a hard time not always adding the bright stuff...lol


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