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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Round Robin Solo Style - Round 2, Batik

For my second round, I used soy wax to create batik patterns.I used 3 objects to stamp the wax on, followed by an application of Procion MX dyes.
Below are the stamps I used to apply the melted wax:

A dried pod with a bamboo skewer attached

Cotton string glued to a block of scrap wood

A foam swirl glued to cardboard layers, then glued to a block of scrap wood.

All of these were made or adapted by me for this project.

I spread the fabric onto my wax paper covered project board and attached using Spring clamps and T-pins. 
Here is the fabric after I have applied the wax coated tools.  I let the fabric set for awhile to allow the wax to cool, before removing from the project board.  I then left the fabric to rest overnight before proceeding to the next step.

Here is the fabric after I painted on some black dye over the waxed areas.  Then I covered it with plastic to batch overnight.

This is how the fabric looked the next morning… note how the dyes migrated into the unwaxed area, creating a nice organic pattern… totally unplanned!

After washing in hot water and synthrapol to remove the soy wax and excess dyes, here is the fabric, ready for the next round:

Tomorrow, Round 3... what would you add next?


  1. I also like the way the dye migrated!!

  2. Interesting to note the foam swirl. I wasn't sure if it could take the heat of tha soy wax.

  3. Judy, Neat! Did you thicken the dye to paint it?

  4. HollyM, I have used a lot of different materials to apply soy wax and so far, have had no problems with the heat damaging them. The wax cools fairly fast, so maybe that is why.

  5. Lynda, I used unthickened dyes... otherwise, I probably would not have achieved the migration pattern. I like both methods, but when I'm feeling lazy, I don't use the thickener!

  6. I am enjoying this progression. Can't wait to see what you do next. I recently bought some soy wax and haven't used it yet. This gives me some incentive.

  7. Norma, do give it a try! I love soy wax... so many ways to use it! I have a number of posts on my blog about soy wax you might enjoy... just go to tiedyejudy.blogspot.com and search on soy wax. You can do the same search on this blog... lots of great inspiration here! Enjoy...

  8. What a fun piece! Mmmm.... next step? What about repeating the use of stamps with contrasting colors?

  9. Love what you are doing! I've only used thickened dye, but I like that migration of the black. Great pattern! Looking forward to seeing what you will do next. This would be a great small-group challenge, where each person in the group would add something.

  10. Thanks, Jeanne. And I did enjoy the 2 round robins I did where we each added to the fabrics, but it took way too long for my taste! What might be fun is to do it with local fellow fiber artists, with maybe a monthly swap/show and tell...

  11. WOW...I love how this turned out...can't wait for step 3!

  12. What a nice piece of cloth, I love it


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