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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Round Robin #5 - Laura

This fat-quarter sized piece of fabric was a commercial turquoise, like a Kona cotton, and I used it as a rag underneath my previous piece, so it got some of the green thickened dye paste on it--

Then I took the Color Magnet, dipped a pool noodle piece in it, and applied a bunch of circles to it, and let it dry.
Followed by scraping some thickened dye mixed with a dark colored dye powder (I seriously can't remember what color I used)--
After it dried for a day or two, I washed it out.  I think this might be the back of the fabric, since the circles are lighter.
I then got out my Jacquard discharge paste, and this rubbermaid sink thing, and painted on some discharge paste.
It bleached out to a light purple color:
Next, got out the only thermofax screen I have.  It looks like a fine mesh screen--I used some Lumiere paint in silver for this step.
It was around 96 degrees when I was working on this part, and the paint dried after only 2-3 swipes across the screen and clogged up the screen because the lines were so fine.  I had to stop twice and wash the screen in order to keep going.
Here are a couple pictures of the finished piece, I really like how it turned out.

It's been fun sharing my experiments and making all this great fabric!


  1. I love your thermofax screen but 96 degrees - sheesh!!! Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed your experiments!!

  2. It was dry and hot for about a month here, now it's humid and hot, don't know which is worse.

  3. Love the layering on this piece, Laura! Thanks so much for participating in the Round Robin discussion this month!


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