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Monday, July 7, 2014

Round Robin, Solo Style - Round 4, Screen Printing

I decided to use one of my Thermofax screens to add pattern to one of the remaining sections from the original dyeing round:

Here is the section of fabric I will be printing on, along with the screen, laying on the left.  I will be using Speedball Fabric screen printing ink.  I have stretched the fabric over my padded project board, and pinned and clamped in place.

This was my first time using this screen, and I decided to print one section, then reverse the screen to print the next section.  I was not sure how close to place the screen for the second and 3 pulls, so I had a bit of a gap between the sections.  I’m not worried… I have no idea what I will use this fabric for, and it is always a learning process, isn’t it?

 Here is the fabric back on the design board, so I can give it further study before proceeding.  


  1. Nice work, love to see it grow under your hands.

  2. The screening is just right, just the right amount of black and provides some nice variety of pattern.

  3. Still looks cool!! Who knew!!

  4. I love that thermofax screen. Reminds me of a butterflies wing


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