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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Five Easy Pieces with Beth

I just couldn't resist that!!! It's Beth here with my take on a Round Robin with myself! I wanted to do a few pieces because you never know how one piece will turn out PLUS I just love layering techniques on a fat quarter.

I started with three pieces of white cotton, a shibori piece of blue on really poor quality cotton and either a pink LWI dyed piece or a brown shibori. OK, I know that's six but I'll winnow one out in keeping with my theme.

Poor quality (low thread count and coarse) fabric. One will go

Brown shibori experimental piece.

Now with the white fabric I taped them down and sprayed heavily with water.

On this one I painted purple, glimmer yellow and olive Pebo Seta-Color. LOTS of water. Then I added salt.

This one I wetted with the spray bottle then dropped drips of Dye-Na-Flow paint and watched them spread.

This one was saturated with sprayed water then I brushed globs of Jacquard's Halo Green which is green paint with gold mixed in. The gold tends to rise to the top. A fabulous paint.

Then I scrunched it all up, spreading the paint around and left it scrunched on the table til it dried.


Dried and ironed

Ready for stage 2 tomorrow.


  1. I think you are having a lot of fun! Looks great already now. Waiting for the next round...

  2. You try the most fun things! Just curious if you ever just used RIT liquid on some Kona that comes treated for paint? I didn't have soda ash so I heated in the microwave and dried it and it seems to have set. Not sure though?


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