Monday, April 11, 2011

Surface Design Round Robin

I have been surprised that I have gotten so little interest in the  Surface Design Round Robin.  One person from Europe wants to play and two from the United States.  I hope that more artists sign up before the April 30 deadline.

Anyway, my playgroup, FIVE, did their swap on Saturday. 
Here is my fabric that I swapped.  It started life as a drop cloth for some screen printing and then I used the end of some dye print paste to color it.  Nothing special.  I figured it could only go up from here.

This is Beth's piece that I took home.  Isn't it lovely?  Beth says she loves it.  Talk about the pressure to do something good to it!  Anyway, I have some ideas and we'll see if it makes it better or if I will need to resign from my playgroup.


  1. I have done a couple of Round Robins in the past, and found that they were very instructive and made me work outside my comfort zone to try techniques I hadn't used much before. There was some pressure... what if I do something and it "ruins" the fabric? That's part of the challenge... to think through what you are going to do, then take the plunge! I encourage anyone who hasn't done a Round Robin before to give it a try!

  2. Too much pressure for me, I'd hate to screw up some fabric that someone was counting on me to do something wonderful with!

  3. What technique did Beth use? I like that it is so soft and dreamy without definitive scrunch lines.


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