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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Surface Design Round Robin

My friends in FIVE and I are holding a surface design round robin.  I suggested it and they all thought it sounded like fun.  I thought perhaps you would like to play along too. 

Here is the idea.  Each of us in FIVE will do some type of surface technique (dye, paint, ink, stamp, zen doodle, batik, parfait, stencil, shibori, discharge, the list could go on)  to a piece of fabric no larger than 1 yard in length. Now, we all know that one surface technique is never enough.   So, we will trade the fabric with another member in FIVE who has a month to do another surface technique and pass it to the next person. That person will have a month to do a third technique and pass it along and so on till the fabric has had 5 treatments to it. At that point it will go back to the original owner.  Sound interesting?

Want to play?  Here are the rules.

1. Respond to this email by April 30 and include your email address.

2.  I will put together groups of 4 and send each group the email address of the others in the group.  I plan to have that out by May 5.

3.  By the last day of May you will have posted in the mail your 1 yard or less of fabric with one surface technique to the person whose name appears below yours in the email list (bottom person goes to the top person).  I trust you to contact the person and get the address. 
4.  By the last day of the next 4 months (June 30, July 31, August 31, and September30) you will have posted in the mail the fabric you received with an added surface technique.  The fabric in September should have 4 techniques completed and be returning to the original artist. 

5.  All costs of mailing will be paid by the person mailing the package. Everyone will  pay 4 times whether you are sending your very own fabric the first time or someone else's you have lovingly added a surface design to.

6.  All techniques are to be surface design techniques.  Do not cut and resew the fabric.  That is another kind of Round Robin.

7.  Please be mindful of where in the Round Robin cycle you are.  For example, generally when you are dyeing you start off with lighter colors to leave you room to over dye with increasingly darker colors.  Also, foiling is generally a last technique.

8.  Five will be posting pictures of their creations for you to see.  Feel free to post pictures of your creations on your website and send us the link.  We'll be happy to share the news.  This is not required if you are shy, timid, or otherwise adverse to showing off.

Okay, those are the rules!  Want to play? 


  1. If you have enough European participants to make a European group, I would like to join.

    Lutgard in Belgium

  2. Lutgard, I love your work. Judith, who is organizing this swap also has a piece in Volusia. I certainly hope we can rustle up a few people in Europe to play with. Stay tuned...

  3. Sounds like fun to me!! I'm in Iowa. snewsome@netins.net. ~~~ Sue

  4. I'd love to play along. hummingford @ hummingford.net

  5. I have just recently been experimenting with surface design and figure this is a good way to get my feet wet! Thanks!
    Jenny Williams
    4 Carolina Ave.
    Lexington, NC 27292

  6. I have just found your site and am sorry I missed the deadline. However, now that I know you're here, I'll stay posted! Great site!

  7. Really hoping I'm going to get my fabric back but I'm kinda thinking it might not happen, it's been a looooooong time. :(


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