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Friday, April 15, 2011

Parfait Dyeing--Quilter Beth

I finally had a chance to try parfait dyeing. I really enjoyed doing it; it was a simple process. I think the outcome would have been more varied if I had used more colors of dye. I just used what I had left over from another dye session—red, a small bit of fuchsia, two blues, and a yellow. The blues were VERY similar. I used two fat quarters of PFD fabric and some of the pieces I had worked on when we did the soy wax resist. ( I just wanted to see what they would look like with this parfait dyeing.)

These are some of the fabrics I started with...
This was a "wipe up" cloth with brush strokes from my dye-mixing brush from my last dye session.
The two fabrics above are from the soy wax resist session. In addition to these, I had two fat quarters of white PFD fabric, a piece of off-white gauze with circles on it, and another piece of soy wax resist fabric.

Here is what they looked like in the containers...
On the left--red/fuchsia and blue; top right--the two blues; bottom right--yellow, red, then blue

I used yellow, red, and a blue for these…
This was the orange, soy wax resist piece. 
This was a fat quarter of PFD fabric. 
This started as off-white gauze with circles.

I used red with the little fuchsia I had, then I added a blue to it for these…
This was the "wipe-up" cloth. 
This was another piece of the soy wax resist fabric.

I used the two blues for these…
This was the green, soy wax resist fabric. 
This began as a fat quarter of white PFD fabric.

I liked doing this, and I like the outcome. I think I'll be doing this again.


  1. Love how the reds turned out -- all your fabrics are "much improved" by using this parfait dyeing technique!

  2. Wow. What fabulous results!!!

  3. I really like the parfait dyeing over the soy wax batik.

  4. Very nice! I think all of them came out great! I do a lot of Low Water Immersion dyeing because I like how the dyes blend and create their own designs. I'm curious... my only exposure to "parfait" dyeing was in a class I took a few years back, but we did a little different routine. we started with one piece of fabric crammed into the bottom of a small container, then added some dye. After a few minutes, we repeated with another piece of fabric and a different color dye, then repeated a third time. Finally, we added some soda ash and let it batch for awhile. I thought that was parfait dyeing... maybe there is more than one way to "Parfait" dye, huh?

  5. Judy, It is the same just soda ash with the dye in each layer instead of lots on top.


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