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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Parfait dyeing-Laura

Since last Monday was my birthday, I took the day off and sewed and did some dyeing. I had posted these pictures on my blog, but forgot to post here.
This first piece was a yellow-ish color to start, which I parfait dyed using khaki in the bottom layer. I had previously carved a stamp and had stamped several designs on it, but the color contrast got a little washed out due to the dye colors I used and the design is hard to see now.

This second piece was a turquoise piece, which I stamped with a starfish that I carved, and then parfait dyed as the second layer--I think I used a pink dye powder.


  1. I love the colors but then again I'm the color girl!!!!! The printing looks good to. I like the entire package.

  2. These are gorgeous! Did you use paint for the starfish or was that a resist?

  3. I used setacolor paints for the starfish


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