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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shibori parfait-Laura

I was working on some shibori fabric a couple of weeks ago as part of an on-line shibori workshop, and decided to parfait dye it. Here is a picture of a piece all stitched up (it was about 24" wide x 44" long). I put it in a large glass jar and poured Periwinkle dye over it.

And here it is all unstitched (one picture with flash, one without):

For the second layer, I put in another shibori piece that I stitched circles on. I put some fuchsia dye on the circles, then I poured on some Khaki colored dye onto the whole piece.

Here it is with the stitching all removed.

And here's a picture of the top layer, I just tied some glass globs in randomly on a small piece, and poured the rest of the fuchsia over it.

I think I used too much dye for all second and third layers. If I try this again, I'll use less--since I already had some mixed up, I added the soda ash/salt water mixture to it as Rosalita suggested in her directions. Just used a little too much of it.


  1. I like it and I'm betting it looks great in person. Sometimes cameras just can't capture the reality.

  2. That's true, Beth, especially if you have a long piece of fabric that looks different all along the whole length of it--hard to take a picture of all the color/design changes in it.


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