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Monday, January 9, 2017

Variety of Techniques - Week 2

Yep....the holidays are over.....

The first credit card bill has yet to arrive BUT....you KNOW what you did!!!

Suddenly all those people advising you to cut up your credit cards seem to be wise beyond their

BUT WAIT!!!! DON'T cut them up!!!

I have a MUCH better idea!

Let's "paint" fabric with them!!  (The added value is that you can't use them in a credit machine again!!!)

Here is the list of supplies....very simple

Credit, Gift, Dinner Club (etc.) cards

That's it and you're ready.  Take a deep breath and let the panic of debt fall away for just a minute.

For this technique it is a good idea to tape your fabric down so that it is very stable.
I am using a piece of white PFD for this first part so you can better see the different elements.

Next the paint. I just used some very basic acrylic paints but glittery and marbly ones would be way cool as well.

Then get out your cards of whatever type you have around. You know those fake ones they send you in the mail???? Those work as well!

Now the fun begins. Just take the side of your card and draw it through the paint like a knife through butter. Then make your mark!  I started using the card like a paint brush, making swirls switching from one side of the card to the other is an "S" move. Also made some that were more closed circles.

Noticed as I was doing these that the wave of the cardboard was showing through. No problem for me! I liked it actually but just a note to be aware of the surface to which you tape your fabric...depending on the look you are wanting to create.

Next I took the cards, cut them through the paint and used the card like a "stamp". I chose to keep going with the swirl look and make "rays" with the red paint.

Then I took the corner of the card, dipped in the paint and made dots with it.

Finally, I tooke the side of the card again and cut through the paint. I Swept the card in one direction to make a kind of feathered look.

The final piece, which acquired the name "In A Spin" is ready!

On Wednesday, I'll be using the card on an already snow-dyed piece so you can see what it is like to combine the techniques.

NOW.....(drum roll)....the winner of the Mystery Technique 1!!!

Just a quick note:  It was appropriately mentioned that awarding the first correct answer in a group so wide spread as this did not afford everyone an equal chance.  Correct. So, wanting to be fair to all, the winner will now be chosen from all the correct answers.

The prize is the piece of frabic in the mystery!!

The technique is pounded fabric!!  If you are interested in this technique, I did a mini presentation on the FIRE blog April 28-30, 2014.  All the instructions are in those three days.  Happy Pounding!
For this piece I did use some Lumiere paint I had left over from a project which is why there is the metallic bit in the fabric.

Now for the winner!!!


Pam if you can send me your mailing information (kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com) I will get the piece of pounded fabric out to you right away.

That's it for today all of you! See you on Wednesday for some more credit card fun!

Kelly L Hendrickson


  1. thank you Kelly - i love your style!

  2. I love to do all theses pieces but my problem always is what to do with it when I ma done!

  3. Just the other day I caught my Mister about to bend and toss some junk-mail want-to-be credit cards. After my "lecture" I know he well never look at them the same and will toss any future ones my way! Looking forward to more fun here on Fire! Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much quiltedfabricart!!

    QuiltSwissy - This particular sample piece will no doubt undergo some additional coloring process as I'm not a great fan of that much stark white. But that's just me perhaps. Although, I can see embellishments on this as a stand alone whole cloth piece if you are so inclined. I will most likely dye it a bit after the paint is heat set. If I get time to do it before the end of February, I'll post the results.

    Hi Ann!! Oh yes...it is paramount to train husbands and children as to the importance of a pre-trash check! My kids bring me all kinds of things to ask if they should be kept or trashed. But then....I do seem to have a huge amount of "stuff" in my studio....hmmmmmmmmmm


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