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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


And I wish you all a very good new year. Hope it will bring you lots of health, happiness and creativity. As Kelly wrote on Monday we often work together, sometimes on old techniques and sometimes on really new interesting ones. We will tell you more about the new ones later on this month. I think it is the first time in the history of Fire that we have a collaboration of 2 artists for the same period.
Let us start with a simple, but interesting way of using all kind of scraps. For these samples I used lace, yarn, fabric strips - twisted and knotted - felt, zapped tyvek and cotton embroidery yarn.  You get the most interesting effect if the material you use has lots of different texture. Just stitched everything on top of a stiff interfacing.

Color does not matter as everything will be painted anyway. For these samples I used Golden Fluid acrylic paint and this is how some of them turned out:

In this case they are still in their rectangular shape, but who is stopping you to cut them in a different shape. I used some of them as fabric postcards, but they can be used as applique shapes as well. Have fun!



  1. great to have a month of working like this. The pair of you make a good combination.

  2. already anticipating the next post! Lovely results.

  3. Such wonderful pieces and inspiration! Wil, I would be concerned about the texture when using them as postcards. Did you actually mail them? Here in the USA I have been hesitant to mail any postcards that are very textured or embellished. Thanks.

  4. Ann, I have mailed those cards internationally without any problems. If you are hesitant you can out your card in a cellophane envelope, cut out the area where your stamp will be, and mail them like that. You can find those envelopes on Ebay,

    1. I have cellophane envelopes but never thought of that. Thank you, Wil!

  5. Are you allowing the piece to dry between each color. How long typically does it take to dry?


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