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Monday, January 2, 2017

Variety of Techniques Combined - some old and some new! - Week 1


A new year begins...a year of discovery...a year of experimentation...a year of FIRE!!!!!

Since so many of you might still be partying or resting up from the holidays, I will make the first post just an introduction to the months of January and February.

This summer, when Wil was visiting, we thought up a plan to do this "tag-team" approach. The reason is that we have been working together on something very exciting and new which we will be
telling you about in a few days! We requested this format and had it approved to introduce this new
thing to our most adventurous and daring friends at FIRE!  Where else after all??? More about that later.

We were thinking that so many of the techniques on FIRE are so much fun and so exciting...how much fun would it be to combine them and so a series on surface design using more than one technique! Some have done bits of this as examples on their presentations. This will just be a whole two months of combining techniques and see where they take us!

So we will be spending these two months switching off weeks. Wil is going to be doing the first installment Wednesday, January 4. I will be posting a Mystery Technique on Friday, January 6. After that, we will be doing techniques on Monday and Wednesday. Then on Friday there will be a Mystery Technique. This will be a contest where the idea is to guess what the technique is...or what tools were used. The answer will be revealed on the following Monday. And there WILL be a prize!

So until Wednesday....take some time to breathe, shake off the cobwebs of the old year and break through to new beginnings and transitions. I can hardly wait to begin this adventure with all of you!

Kelly Hendrickson


  1. sounds like we will have a very stimulating January. Looking forward to it and Best Wishes to you both for 2017

  2. As always, this team are up to exciting things to share with all of us. Be direct, include great photos and directions. We so appreciate you giving us solid tips and tricks for the fun filled and yet serious design and decoration techniques you are all quite famous for!
    Love getting the posts in my mailbox and I have used so many of your tips in my own Surface Design play. We enjoyed a great 2016 with you, especially including friend Janine Gates from Maine - so hope to see her back in 2017!Happy New Year all!

  3. Sounds exciting. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  4. Happy New Year, Kelly & Wil! I look forward to seeing what you both will be sharing with us, and hope to be more involved this year with trying new things!

  5. Looking forward to your contributions. Thank you.

  6. Happy New Year, Kelly. I'm looking forward to what you and Wil share here!


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