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Monday, January 16, 2017

Mystery revealed

And this is how I create the mystery fabric of last Friday. I started with a wet white fabric and crunched this.

If you want to you can iron it with all the creases, but that is not compulsary.

Place a screen on it.

And apply paint with a squeegee.

Remove the screen and let the paint dry.

When you unfold the fabric, it looks like this:

I repeated this process several times with different colors of paint. Just like Kelly I do not like white backgrounds, so the final step was a ice dye with different colors of procion dye.

And the winner of this fabric is: Silkworks922. Please send an email with your contactinfo to: wil@wilopiooguta.com. I am moving house this week and will be without internet access for maybe a week. Don't think I am ignoring your comments or questions, I will answer when I am back on line.


  1. Clever, Wil! I will have to try that... maybe use one of my ugly fabrics to see if I can save it1

  2. Hi guys! Wil is without internet until the 23rd (ARGGHHH!!) But I will try to keep up with responses for her in her absense!

    I love this technique as well. And Judy, I think it would be a great way to "revive" a less than stellar fabric!! Would love to see your results when you try it!

  3. It looks great even after the first step. You rock!


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