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Friday, November 18, 2016

Snow-Dyed Shibori - Some More Results (2)

As noted in an earlier post, I decided to experiment with whiffle balls as a way of manipulating my fabric. Doing so gives circular elements to the finished fabrics. Sometimes the results look like geodites. Here are some examples:

I was much happier with the fabric in which I used fewer colors of dye (the lighter green fabrics), but this may be because I tend to prefer palettes that are monochromatic or that use analogous colors. I find these fabrics easier to use in my finished pieces. While the center blue and green piece was very vibrant, I couldn't make it work with the other pieces.

Here is a large quilt, Evocation, that I made using some of these fabrics. It is heavily embroidered and machine-quilted.


  1. Nice results and I love the colours, and what a nice quilt you made of it. I did the same thing with glass marbles and a lot of different colours, looks like a garden full of flowers....

  2. OMG, spectacular results! I wonder if you ever use a fabric printing company so that you could have more yardage of these gorgeous pieces?

  3. I absolutely love this blog. Your session is particularly interesting to me. I'm really glad you posted a picture of a finished art piece. I find these fabrics so beautiful that it is hard for me to cut into them and develop something to exhibit. So they end up sitting in my stash not being viewed by anyone. I wish you, and other artists, would show how they use their fabrics. I need that type of inspiration also. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Your results are stunning.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments about my fabrics and the posts I've been making. I have never used Spoonflower, I guess because I like working with individual dyed pieces rather than yardage. Re. seeing finished art pieces, I, like many other fiber artists, show my work on my website. There are many examples there of finished pieces using my dyed fabrics: www.dianewfranklin.com.

  5. Such extraordinary results from,of all things, whiffle balls! Love your quilted finish!

  6. Longing for snow in Louisiana! Well, not really, we are living in a camper with no heater until our house gets reconstructed from the flood!


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