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Monday, October 31, 2016

Rust Month Wrap-Up

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I wrap up my rust dyeing posts.  this month's posts have been an exceprt from my online video workshop Natural Dyeing With Rust.  In this workshop I cover another technique for creating rust dyed fabric.

Also, I have a free ebook, Working With Rust Dyed Fabrics available with some tips on working with your rust dyed fabrics.

And finally, a few more photos of rust and indigo blocks.

And lastly, a short promotional video for my workshop:

 Thanks to Beth and Judith for having me this month, and I look forward coming back again.


  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts this month and appreciate your insights on rust dyeing. I love the idea of different artists sharing their interests as well. Each time I read this blog I get closer to actually testing out the various techniques of actually attempting it myself! I have a small collection of rusted items and will continue to get more fabric inspiration from other contributors as well. Thank you. Donna

  2. Thanks! I do rust dyeing and it was good to get some more tips.
    Sandy in the UK


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