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Sunday, October 30, 2016

FAQ's and Quilt Blocks

It seems that I get asked the sames questions about rust dyeing fabric all the time.  So I thought I'd answer a few of them here.

  • Is the rust dyed fabric archival?  NO!  Think about it, iron oxide is a corrosive and will eat away at metal.  Fabric is no match for it.  It will eventually eat away the fabric, but that can take a long time.  It depends on the fabric itself, how strong a layer or rust and other factors.      So if you want something that has the potential to be around for a very, very long time; rust dyed fabrics may not be the best choice. 

  • How long does it take to rust the fabric?  This depends on several factors.  The rusty item you are using; what kind of shape is it in.  I've actually found that some metal pieces can be to rusted.  The rust actually forms a protective barrier and attempts to prevents  more rust from forming.  And the fabric plays a big part.  Along with the weather and humidity.  The rusting action happens quicker in warmer weather.

  • What types of fabrics rust best?  I've had success with all kinds of fabrics, both natural and synthetic.  The only fabrics I've not had success with is fabric with a very thick pile and very slippery fabrics.

  •  Can the rust be removed or discharged?  So far I've had no success either removing or discharging rust.

What To Do With Your Rust Fabric 

I've never had the courage to do anything with my rust fabric.  As QuiltSwissy says, it is beautiful all on its own.  But after a while you may want to do something more than stash in the closet.  Hers is what my friend did with some of my rust and indigo fabrics.

While they are a little traditional for me, I will admit my fabric looks good in these blocks.


  1. Thanks for a great month of rust info. You certainly covered it well.

  2. Thanks Beth, I've enjoyed it very much. And I hope others did too!

  3. These are really amazing blocks! I love the way the fabrics compliment each other so well within the bocks. Thanks for a great month of rusting!!!!! I can't wait to get my stuff back together in the house so I can do normal sewing and rusting things again!


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