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Friday, October 28, 2016

Rust Dyed Fabric

Now that you know some basic rust dyeing techniques, lets take a look at a few finished pieces of fabric.  I did most of these pieces back in February, when the weather here was a little on the cool side.  But as you can see, rust does happen, even if it takes a little longer.

rusty rings on muslin

detail of rusty rings

more rings on muslin
detail of ring
rings and paint can lid on muslin

rings and lawn staples on denim
detail of denim


  1. Looks like a nice piece. My problem from here is....what to do with it now? I love the pieces, and they are all so unique, I hate to cut them up!

  2. I'm hoping the next installment will discuss techniques for sewing on the rust dyed fabric. I'm sure there must be some tricks and traps!

  3. Thanks Dini.

    QuiltSwissy, that has always been one of my biggest questions. I have a friend visiting and she was itching to get her hands on some of my fabrics. So I let her have at it. And she came up with some nice ideas, something I would have not thought of.

    Todays Treasure, I do have something to address that. Will share soon.


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