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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rust Dyeing Month Schedule

In my world nothing happens without it being scheduled. So here is my schedule for this month posting.

October1-8: Introduction and Overview
October 9-15: Safety & Getting Started
October 16-22: Rust Dyeing
October 23-29: Post Processing the Fabric
October 31: Wrap Up


  1. I love an organized person!!! Thanks for the schedule and posts!!

  2. I have long been fascinated with rust dyeing. Living in Baton Rouge, the flood presented some interesting things to me. First it destroyed my entire house, sewing room and fabrics including all my dyes and rusting. I have no idea where any of my stuff is or if it survived. S cond, everything around here is rusting!!!!!


  3. Thanks Robbie. I'd be nowhere without organization.

  4. QuiltSwissy, so sorry to hear about your losses. If I can do anything to help you recover, let me know. I always have fabric to share.

    Hopefully you can put some of that rusting stuff to good use.


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