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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Originality-Making Your Own Stencils-Continued



Often times, as I am working on an art piece I realize I need to stop. This is something I embrace. I have learned that at any given moment it is possible to come to a point where I do not know what the next step is. In my early years this was bothersome; however, now I know that this is likely and I accept it. I put the work aside and think about it for a while. Typically I re direct my attention to another piece; this is a cyclical process. If I do not think of new ideas for the piece within a reasonable time, then I put it aside...it goes into a bin...a waiting room, so to speak. I never know when I will come back to it; but, eventually I do. And, when I do, I am excited to see it and I usually know exactly what to do next. 

Many times I add paint; either by direct application, painted stencils and/or stamps. 

Recently, I made a new kind of stencil.

Another solution I have for pieces in the waiting room bin is to cut them up, re-stitch and add on; this is VERY gratifying for me.


Recently, I began to stitch pieces of fabric together and came up with this combination. I did not like the results very much, but I knew there was something interesting happening within. I put it aside and after a few days I decided to extract a section. (see yellow outline)

I use strips of mat board to block off areas and examine them; and, sure enough, I saw an area I liked. I cut it out and refined it a bit. The result was good and now I can preceed.  

I decided that the open areas needed details. I liked the linear stripes on the left panel that are printed on the fabric; it is good to repeat motifs. To do this I placed torn strips of green painters tape to mimic the white horizontal stripes.

Then I painted within the spaces of tape with shades of gray acrylic paint.

I am happy with the results. These new motifs are perfect for stitching. 

The remaining open areas have been painted with other stencils, which I will detail in my next post.

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  1. Any way to get yesterday's video to work for those of us who get the message 'This video is private'. Thanks.


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