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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fun from the Hardware Store

Nienka has several short posts using hardware store stuff to use for the clamping that I really liked.  Here is a compilation of three of them.

Shirbori Folding #12

And now, we're up to some 3D folding. Roll your square piece into a tube. And clamp it between those corner pieces from the hardware store:

Interesting.... there must be more ways to fold 3D, will think about it.


Shibori Folding--no 11

More fun from the hardware store, fold your rectangular piece in a zigzag pattern:

Shibori Folding - no 10

 Now for a Mandala fold, take a square piece of fabric, fold it in quarters and further in eighths:

Try to fold the remaining part into its place between the outer eights.

Found this at the hardware store, it's an opener for paint cans, but I have my own plans with it.

In the mean time I am also experimenting with different types of fabric, this is a 80% cotton, 20% polyester blend with an 'open' weave, which makes it easier for dyes to penetrate into the inner layers. 

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