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Friday, February 5, 2016

Original Art-Making Custom Stamps

Original Art-Making Custom Stamps


On your mark...get set...go! Yes, let's make marks and have some fun with them.

I use acrylic paint as well as ink to make marks. Ink will make a fine quality mark while paint will produce various effects depending on the consistency. Use medium or heavy body acrylic paint as the high flow is too thin. Place a dab of paint in a pan and thin with a few drops of water until it is about like that of lotion. Use either a foam roller or paint brush to apply the paint onto the stamp.

Another excellent found item:

A shoestring is glued to a piece of Styrofoam.

Paint is applied to the shoestring stamp with a brayer.

Practice: Practice on scraps first! Test the stamps and the paint consistency first.
Test the stamps on paper or fabric first.
The stamp may not make a clear complete impression.
Even if the paint is a bit too thick it will make "globs". This is ok...for me. I like effects to be various.
Painted silk organza with marks from a toilet paper roll.
The cardboard left some blotchy paint marks and some fine marks.
I like the mixture. 
 As you can see..I used the toilet roll with white paint on this piece. The circle did not imprint clearly the first time so I did several overlapped. I liked this much better. The roll is not an exact circle either, which I also like.

Painted silk organza with marks made with cardboard, circles from toilet paper roll
and linked circles stamp.
Painted interfacing with a layer of painted silk organza over the top.
Both have been stamped.
The content I am sharing with you here is excerpts from my online course MIXING UP MEDIA. See the link for this below.

Next weeks topic: STENCILS

I will present more about making original art by making your own stencils.


  1. what glue did you use on the styrofoam to attach the shoe lace?

  2. I used regular white glue. :)

    Also, try wrapping string, yarn or other similar onto a roller.
    Fun stuff!

    Thanks for commenting.


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