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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year


This is Judith.  I was looking for a Happy New Year image when I came across this one written in fire.  How perfect is that?  So, Happy New Year!

Beth has planned a spectacular year of surface design magic.  I planned 5 days of surprises to kick off 2016.  Here are the details:

1.  Starting Monday, January 4, and each day till Friday, January 8, I will post the surprise give-away for the day.

2.  Leave a comment on any day you would like to win the surprise.

3.  On Saturday  I will randomly draw a winner from each day's comments and post the winners' names.

4.  Winners will  need to send me their address via my email.

5.  I'll wrap 5 packages, label, address, and run them to the post office.

6.  Winners wait impatiently till their prize arrives, then they open the packages and start enjoying what ever it is.

Sounds easy enough.

Any questions?  Leave a comment.  You'll get answers but not prizes for a comment on this post.  That starts on Monday.

Talk to you on Monday.


  1. Hi Judith... It's 7:02 on the 3rd... and I am sending you back Happiest New Year wishes from Ontario - Elginburg to be exact. I am a fan and follower and intrigued by this plan. I use the techniques the group shares in my own arts practice.. I search and explore and set aside what is not working for me... your group has access to things we do not readily have access to in Canada. That makes the journey all the more exciting for me. How can I do this without that product. Will my result be similar or totally different.
    The plan for 2016 includes surprises.. so lets explore and see what and Beth have up your sleeves. My personal goal for this year is discovery... digging into what is new and the group associated with the Fire Blog are just the ones that can get me on that road. You are admired, trusted and make me smile.
    I'm watching, practicing, discovering along with the team.. so let's see what this week brings.

    Maker, 'Messer around' person... take a chance and see what happens gal
    Textile Design Instructor, St. Lawrence College
    SAQA Co-Rep for Central Canada
    Fibre artist and author
    Making time now...
    Follower from the beginning.. thank you!

  2. Hi Bethany, Great to hear from you. I would have sent a private response but no email address. One of your "own" from Kingston has moved to my town and we have become friends, Janine Gates. Hope to hear from you during the year and maybe you can share some of your "messing-around-stuff with us!! Please keep in touch.

  3. What a bright start to the new year - love following your blog - enjoy the content you share.

  4. Hi and Happy New Year from central Alberta! Waving at you, Bethany...! I was introduced to this blog by Elle, and have followed ever since. The posts on mono-printing were timely; I'm experimenting with that this month for 15 x 15 (an online group to which I belong). Fun!

    Looking forward to Monday...and the rest of the year!

  5. Happy Year Judith! Hope it's an artful year for you!

  6. Happy New Year Judith!
    I'm so looking forward to all the things Beth has planned for us in 2016

  7. Well I stayed up until 2am so it is Monday and I am leaving my Monday comment ... Grin. I love the site, the Team, and all the information you shate with us!! You rock! Hugs, Lynda

  8. Lynda, I'd re-enter your name on the Monday blog itself

  9. Hi Judith - what an awesome way to start the year! You guys rock.
    Maybe DippyDyes should provide a gift the next time you do this. Not trying to be pushy, but some of the folks I know from here are already customers. Let me know what you think!


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