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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You are invited

 We Want to Announce an Open Invitation  

 A few of our Resident Artists are retiring from the Fire blog leaving room for a few new Resident Artists in 2016.  And, as always, we love to have Guest Artists come and share their talents with us.  Maybe it is you that we need!

What's the difference  between a Guest and a Resident Artist?

Guest Artist: an artist who makes a one time appearance on the blog.  That appearance is generally for a set time period, for a set number of posts, and on a specific topic. For example, for the first two weeks in January Laura McGrath is our Guest Artist and will post 3 times per week about her current art project. (Yes, really!  We are quite excited!) All those things are worked out in advance, mutually agreed upon, and with no future commitment made by the guest,  who in this case is Laura.  Thanks, Laura!

Resident Artist:  an artist who agrees to participate on the Fire blog for at least one year.  Each Resident Artist is responsible for one month and maybe two during the year when they will be responsible for all the blog posts.  The Resident Artist has greater freedom about the topic or topics to present and how many time to post during their month.  The Resident Artist is responsible for monitoring and responding to comments during their month.  Resident Artists also have a voice when decisions are being made regarding future directions for the blog.  For example, Beth is responsible for December and will do whatever she wants to do.  Thanks, Beth!

Either of these exciting opportunities sound interesting? Let us know. You can leave a comment on this post or email either Beth at beth dot from dot maine at gmail dot com or Judith at quilt or dye at ftml dot net.


  1. Many many thanks to those artists who have been so generous with both their time and expertise. It takes commitment to produce those posts. Much appreciated.

  2. I'm interested..
    I'm a piecer, improviser, and I also print, dye, and manipulate fabrics
    Helen Howes


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