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Monday, December 28, 2015

Color Maget

Color magnet is a gel that can be applied to fabric with a silk screen or thermonfax.  The area with the Color Magnet on it will attract more dye, hence the magnet.

I started with a small piece of white fabric and screened on the "Color Magnet" with a thermofax screen. 

Below it is dry and ready to dye.

A dish with relatively weak dye in it along with soda ash solution.

After a few hours in the dye solution, washed and dried.

Bad photos from my smart phone showing the amazing detail in the shaft of the feather


  1. I LOVE Color Magnet! Nice piece.

  2. I have heard of this product but never seen it. I shall be looking! :)

  3. Very interesting. I would never have thought of using it this way. I guess that is why you get the big bucks! LOL

  4. Fun stuff, but don't trust the lid ........ Can be a messy mistake if the pot gets tilted in storage.....

  5. I dyed a huge linen tablecloth using Color Magnet and leaf silk screens. It turned out great. I absolutely love this product. One word of caution. The dyed items need to be washed alone. That DM will absorb every loose dye particle in the water!

  6. I've used this product, and have been happy with the results. But I had about half of a jar left and it got all moldy so I had to trash it.


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