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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fugitive Media

Fugitive media is any media that is not permanent - will run as in fugitive (smile). Some examples are colored pencil, chalk, charcoal and water soluble crayons. 
The example below is a crow done in charcoal, colored pencils and chalk. The rocks and twig are thread sketched but the rocks are colored with pencil as well.

 For this post I decided to use water soluble crayons or pastels.

I started with these "color blocks" on the bottom of the silk screen. 

The marks seemed tentative so I placed the silk screen on a sheet of waxed paper and drew on the inside of the screen. I could press harder and I got more color on my screen.

I laid the finished screen on the fabric and wet it with a solution that would make the colors permanent. It is called Base Extender from ProChemical and Dye and it is in essence fabric paint with no color. It turns clear. When applied it covers the fugitive media in a coat of clear acrylic fabric paint making it permanent AFTER heat setting the dry fabric. It MUST be washed out of the screen immediately so the screen isn't ruined

First and second print. 


  1. Beautiful!!! I use GAC900 from Golden and the hand of the fabric is less stiff. I use it with Inktense pencils. ~ Christina

  2. My goodness. How cool is that!!! :)

  3. I am constantly checking the Dharma site for new supplies.


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