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Monday, December 21, 2015

Thermofax Screens

Technically these are also silk screens. They are made of a plastic mesh type product and the image is burned into the screen causing a void. The part that appears black is the area on the screen burned out.

I had these screens made. I drew on paper the design I wanted on these three, with a pen, and sent them to Lyric Kinard for processing. 

During all of these silk screening post, I have used thickened dyes. This time I used fabric paint. Fabric paint has to dry 3 weeks or be heat set before it is permanent.

I "attempted to heat set the paints but my printing table can be damaged by heat so I was a bit tentative. The results show it too.

After "alleged" heat setting, I used thickened dyes with a credit card.

The pieces drying on the rail.


  1. Love your designs! I have had Lyric make a couple of screens for me, and have also purchased some of her screen designs. All worked well with either fabric paints or screen printing inks. I heat set on my ironing board for both fabric and t-shirts and they did well.

  2. Now these I have and understand! :)

  3. Heat setting on the ironing board is really simple. Use a press cloth if you are worried about your iron. Another option is the dryer- I think it's for 45 minutes, but I'd have to check the directions on Pro Chem to be sure. Temperature of either iron or dryer is that which is appropriate for your fabric.
    PG Fiber to Art over on Etsy is where I get my screens made, and I had them make custom ones that I'm reselling at shows. Someday they'll be on my website, too, but that hasn't gotten to the top of the to-do list yet!

  4. Oops - forgot to apologize for any commercial, inappropriate portion of my previous message! - Lisa

  5. It's great to see so many of the pieces from the month together in the photos. They look terrific!


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