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Monday, December 14, 2015


How many of you have seem someone put a fern on fabric and silk screen over it as a resist? OK, you can all put your hands down. Now for something a little different.

I know how much I love "eyelash" on a Gelli plate so I thought I'd try it as a resist with dye.

Eyelash on a white background is very boring so after pulling all four prints, I went back with a credit car and thickened chartreuse dye. By that time the "first strike" principle was firmly in place (The first color to strike the prepped fabric with strike and hold even if you apply other colors over it)

Much nicer

Now I picked up the eyelash coated in purple dye and moved it to a new spot and pulled turquoise

Here I picked up the purple and turquoise covered eyelash and moved it yet again pulling chartreuse

And one last move with tri-colored dye covered eyelast to a fourth position and I pulled medium blue. Very organic. Makes me think of worms or blood vessels


  1. I love your results, but not sure I get how you did it. My impression was that you placed the eyelash on the fabric then covered with a screen that you loaded with dyes... is that correct? Then each time, you moved the eyelash and used a different color?

  2. oh dear! and here I am trying to 'edit' the stash of odds and ends! :{

  3. Eyelash is magic under a silk screen

  4. That is fabulous!! Have to put that on my "Got to try" list.


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