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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh No!! Not deconstructed silk screening again!!!

Yes it's true. I am going to do a quick and dirty post on deconstructed screens. It you want a REALLY in-depth tutorial try this one.

On the printing table, I laid out crumpled waxed paper, a real favorite of mine along with some bubble wrap. I wasn't all that creative. I was trying for simplicity

I apllied some turquoise and purple thickened dye to the screen and drew it across to pick up the textures of the materials below. Remember never to put soda ash into this thickened dye in this step.

Here it is being held up to the light in the window. You can see the great texture in the dye.

The next day (or whenever the thickened dye on the screen is DRY), you place the screen on your pre-soda soaked fabric. Apply some print paste which is actually thickened dye without the dye OR thickened water. Get it? It's just clear thick wet. It wets the dried dye and pushes it through the screen to the fabric below.

Here I am after the first four pulls

I went over the four areas turning the screen every pull so new areas were exposed. On the last pull I added chartreuse dye to the prints.

Close-ups of the first through fourth sections.

I love deconstructed screen prints. There is no other way to achieve that surface design.


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