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Monday, January 13, 2014


So far we have gotten many responses from readers who want to actively participate as one of the 3 "helpers" who will work along with the resident artist. If you have interest in any of the months, please contact the resident artist of that month or me using the contact form at http://sewsewart.blogspot.com/.

We have also have had three people come aboard as guest artists who will be showcasing their own techniques in their own month - more about this later. Followers who want to just work along with the month's technique can also have their work included. You don't have to be an official "helper". Please remember we need an email address to get back to you and the Contact form on http://sewsewart.blogspot.com/ is totally safe for sending messages.

From the responses we are receiving, there is a LOT of excitement about the new format. I KNOW personally that February with Judith DeMilo Brown will be an unforgettable month!

So just a reminder that there is still time to join in on all the fun and joining can happen anytime during the year. 

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