Saturday, January 25, 2014

Introducing co-workers and a special project

For the October month with the theme Stitch resist Shibori, six people will join me to explore new possibilities:

Yvonne followed the 28 ways to fold your fabric in Novembre and came up with a brilliant piece of work:

The second one was a cylindrical piece of plastic packaging with diamond shapes scored on it,
I tied the fabric round it using cotton thread following the scored lines.

And Marsha explored some great shibori too: 

I am really looking forward to our online-co-working-project, we will start in june, and show our results in October, as we are with seven of us, each day of the week a new way of stitching for shibori.

Another project I would like to share with you, experimental textile lovers: a dutch editor is having a 'call for entry' for two international book projects.  Everyone who wants to have the chance of getting their work of art published in one of the future books of Textile-link can easily upload images in their own archive on The uploaded images will form the basis for inspiring textile books which will be published by Textile-link in the coming years. The basic idea behind Textile-link is to publish extraordinary books together, to inspire, share knowledge and enjoy it all.

I love the books in this series, as they are so very inspiring and pretty designed lay-out. Highly recommended, no costs involved, and easy, you just have to upload your own best pictures for publication and she will make a choice of all the entries. With full credits to the artist ofcourse.

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